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Saturday, 10 December 2005
Warm and fuzzy
Topic: Raving
"Warm" being the weather this afternoon, which was sunny, with deep blue skies and a crisp breeze, and "fuzzy" being me, after spending this gorgeous afternoon in the beer garden at the Belgian Beer Cafe, sampling Belgian beers and eating mussels. So very perfect. It was splurgy sort of day because Dee wasn't working - she waitresses for two catering companies and her free weekends are few and far between - so we went down to St Kilda, a trendy neighborhood on the waterfront, to hang out for the afternoon. At least, that was the plan. We got a bit caught up in the goodness of the beer and ended up doing most of our hanging out in the beer garden. I can't remember the last time I had an entire afternoon that was just such a glorious haze of good food, even better beer, pleasant surroundings, and enjoyable company. It was just delightful.

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