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Better late than never . . .

More of my perspective than you're probably interested in.

"Dispatches" are descriptions of trips I took and personal events that occurred while I lived in Macedonia from 2000 to 2002. "Updates" are my attempt to describe/interpret my experience of the conflict situation in Macedonia in 2001 for family and friends in the US. These were all originally e-mail messages, except for the "Extra" on India. I've done a bit of editing on some of them (mostly correcting for egregious adjective overuse and integrating pictures) but for the most part, they're reproduced here in all their original glory. Please be patient - I was very young and wide-eyed.

Links to sites with further information about Macedonia can be found on the "Sheer Vanity" page.

Santal women's tattoos, India

Extra: India (Oct. 2004)