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Sunday, 18 January 2009
Let the fun begin
Topic: Events

If by "fun" one means "hours of standing in massive crowds in the bitter cold."  Fun! 

Official inauguration celebrations start today - at least for me.  There's a concert on the Mall, there are massive Sunday night parties because most folks are off tomorrow - there are an unusual number of options to pick from for a Sunday.  I assume last night was probably similar, but I elected to stay in and chill with a friend after having had a fairly intense Friday night packed in a club that was too small for the crowd - the kind of party where you're on the dance floor feeling it give beneath your feet and contemplating between the beats the likelihood that tonight is the night the building just gives way.  So low-key was very much the order of the day yesterday.

I'm laying out my layers and trying to plan what I'm going to bring, and hoping that I'm not going to freeze. There are some things that I handle with grace, but cold is not one of them. 

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